A Song of Ice and Fire: The Serpents of the North

A Song of Ice and Fire: Serpents of the North
The Wake of the Kraken Part 1: Of Crows, Fire, and Dragons

The moon shines brightly over Pentos and the Wraith moves like a shadow with no discernible source, towards the city. Beric Caleman and Marco see the eternal fire burning atop the Church of R’hllor. The Wraith approachs the dock, Larin Sees two lanterns, one belongs to Beric’s son, Khamisi Snow, and a woman in red. Marco recognizes the woman as a priestess from Lys, Beric asks who she is, Khamisi replies that she is the lady Melisandre, she knew Lord Caleman would be arriving this night because she saw A Lizardlion swim on shore in pentos in her flames. Beric asks what that means and Marco explains that priests of R’hllor can see the furture in their flames, he thinks it’s more slight of hand and general vaguery. Larin starts the deck close to the discussion between Beric‘s company and Khamisi and Melisandre. Melisandre says that Marco will see the truth one day when the dead come from your north. "I’ve already seen the truth, lady." Beric asks Larin if he can sail us down to Myr, Larin nods and heads and heads off to find a boat.

Larin walks into the “Kneeling Titan Inn” and orders himself a drink. Larin asks the barkeep where he can find a ship heading to myr that won’t ask too many questions about who’s tagging along. The bartender points Larin to a Yi Tish looking man down the bar. The man names himself as Fran-Ki and brings Larin to a back room of a bar where a Valyrian looking woman in an open back purple dress that is laced with silver roses that hugs around her waist, she is fanning herself, Fran whispers into her ear.
“Hey there, names Doran ‘Wiggles’, captain of the Prancing Dragon. Frank here tells me your looking to sail into Myr with out too many questions asked.” The Valyrian looking …man? says continuing to fan himself.
“Uh… that’s correct …sir? Is your ship a fast ship?” Larin responds sitting down across from Doran.
“It can make the trip from Baavos to Lys in less than twenty days, and she can out run war-ships. and I ain’t talking those Baavosi cogs, I’m talking the big Ironborn Galleasses.”
“That sounds adequate to the job”
ADEQUATE! I’ve smuggled fugitives from Dragonstone to Dorne,” Doran yells slamming a knife into the table. “I’ve been able to smuggled red priests through Quarth, My services are more than adequate. I can get you and your mysterious cargo for 40 Gold Dragons.”
“Unless you’re smuggling my associates weight in gold you can’t loose enough in our presence to make up for 15 Gold Dragons.”
“You’re not just buying room your buying experience of our crew. 35 gold Dragons.”
“My lord will not like having to hand over this much on a lark, fifteen Gold Dragons when we set sail and fourteen Gold Dragons when we hit Myr.”
“That should work, don’t you agree Frank?” Doran coyly looks towards Fran-Ki
“Your intellect is only matched by your beauty Captain.” Fran-Ki dryly responds.
“Frank here will show you out, I’ll get changed to finalize things with your boss.”
Fran-Ki and Larin walk out of the room into the bar proper, Fran buys Larin a drink. An hour passes before Doran emerges with tight fitting leather pants, high riding boots, a gold sash around his waist, a white frilly v neck and a purple vest with a golden dragon on the vest.
“You look lovely, sir.” Fran-Ki dryly remarks.
Doran blushes “Oh, Frank.” The trio walks out of the bar towards the docks.

The trio walk down the dock towards the Wraith. Larin introduces Doran to Beric, Beric stares at Doran and says nothing. Beric unearves Doran as he holds his hand out towards, “Your peasent has negoeated fifteen gold dragons now and fourteen gold dragons when we land in Myr.” Larin drunkenly nods. Beric stands towering above Doran. “well if you agree to the terms then my ship is in front of Kneeling Titan Inn.” Doran backs up before he turns around and runs into Pentos. Fran-Ki bows and shoulders his Tesubo and walks off. Beric sits back down, Khamisi approves of scarring him off, any man that flashy can not be a good trader or a worse suggler, Marco convinces Beric that the Smuggler has been successful in transprorting people before and this success will likely continue. Berric agrees and they say goodby to Dale Seaworth right before the wraith slinks out of the habor.

Beric and company go to an inn to get a room. Doran prepairs his ship. Beric asks why Melisandre is tagging along. “Yours is the path that will lead me to Azor Ahai Lord Caleman” Melisandre explains the legend of Azor Ahai and that Azor Ahai will be reborn and decair a war for the dawn in the North. “Our North?” Marco inquires. “From beyond your Wall will the servents of the great other. The enemy to R’hllor.” Beric asks Khamisi if he trusts her, Khamisi affirms that he does trust the Red woman. Beric tells Melisandre she can’t come. “I wish you luck and I hope when the Crow flys behind you the wind will be with you.” “Thank you for looking after my son.” Melisandre nods and says, “we will see eachother soon Lord Caleman.” She says before she heads into Pentos Propper. Fran-ki welcomes everyone on board, Beric nods at Fran-ki, Doran walks out and nervisly nods towards Beric then Doran turns his heal and goes back inside his cabin. the Prancing Dragon heads out at dawn

Five days at Sea pass by before Fran-Ki spots a ship off the aft and starboard side. Doran looks through a spyglass, he sees a longship, an ironmen longship, with purple sail with the figurhead of a black iron woman mother of pearl for eyes. Xufand, the Sothern Islander of the Prancing Dragon, yells THE SILENCE before he runs to the hold. Beric rallies the crew of the Prancing Dragon as the whole crew runs with out sleep for three days the Prancing Dragon outran the Silence untill it disapeared over the horizen, Doran hid his ship in a secluded lagoon to rest up and restock.

Doran asks Marco about what business he and his lord has in Myr, Marco remains elusive about the issue, Marco claims Beric is looking to gain “friends” in the free city. Doran mentions that he knows the city quite well

Six days away from Myr Fran-Ki talks to tells him about a trio of pirate ships coming close from the south. Larin chips in by says “the pirates will outrun us.” Beric says to attack the ship closest to the land. Doran nods in agreement. The Pirate ship grapples on to the Prancing Dragon and the Fight begins. Beric throws a frog spear to Larin before drawing Patience. The first Pirate leeps on deck Fletcher lets fly two arrows into the pirate striking him once in the forhead and the other arrow stiking through the pirate’s neck. Erois and Marco battle the pirates while Doran and Xufand fire crossbow bolts while Fran-Ki smashes into the pirates with his Tesubo. Khamisi cut into the pirates fighting back to back with his father. The Bog Knights made short work of the Pirates. Doran gives the bogknights 20 arrows each out of his crew’s personal stach.

Beric has another dream, A woman in a maester robe with a spear on her back a red banner fluttering in the wind with her eyes burning green eyes. She is attaching ropes to an armored kraken headed man, The sun rises behind the woman the sun rising along the spear behind the maester. The light blinds Beric, when he opens his eyes Seagaurd is engulfed in green fire with a man in platemale his helm tenticles sticking out of bottom of the helm House Malastar’s flag clutched in the slimey hand of the armored Kraken warrior. Beric wakes up looking over the ocean the stars twinkling above.

The Prancing Dragon docks into Myr as the sun rises from the Narrow Sea, Melisandre is there at the dock to great the Prancing Dragon with two Golden company men. “Greeting ”/characters/lord-beric-caleman" class=“wiki-content-link”>Lord Caleman, it seems we meet again." The Red woman says the fire in her lantern dancing to her words.



A Song of Ice and Fire: Serpents of the North
Peril at King's Landing: Part 3 Cloak and Dagger

Peril at King’s Landing Part 3: The daggers in the dark

Aeron talks with Paxter Redwyne, The two finalize the marriage agreement between Aeron‘s daughter Rhae Thrack to Paxter’s Son Ser Horas Redwyne.

Aeron, Auroa, Beric, and Johan join King Robert Baratheron for lunch, Aeron is reminiscing about Robert’s Rebellion with the king while Aurora interacts with some of the guests in the tent, including Jalabhar Xho and Renly Baratheon, and Johan is listening for rumors. Johan hears of an Ironborn suiside mission inside the Red Keep when Lord Daegon Seawish and three other Iron born tried to retrieve the Seawish ancestral axe Sovereign, the other three Ironborn died and Lord Daegon jumped through a window in the Blackwater and is presumed dead. After about three courses the feast ends.

Johan asks Beric bogknight assistance and he gives him a couple of bogknights for protection in addition to Johan‘s entourage with the Goldcloaks the King Robert assigned to Johan and heads off to the Kracken’s end.

Johan enters the Kraken’s end. Talks with the Bartender, a sarcastic man,Johan asks if a man matching his son’s, Jamson Oakhear, apearence. The bartender did, and that he seemed to be frendly with a grouping of Ironborn and after a little bribing the Barkeep he tells Johan the name of the Ship, the Sea’s Bounty, as Johan leaves for the Harbor master a Bar fight breaks out.

Beric leaves to find Varys at the Red Keep, and after a few hours he finds himself in the Royal Godswoods, Varys greets Beric and Beric asks for information on Maester Baeron, from what Varys knows he’s a bastard from Pyke and whoes maester training was paid for by a member of house Stonehouse. Varys guesses that the best place for a Westerosi on the run is in Essos with the Golden Company. Beric leaves to talk with Stannis.

Johan enters the Harbor master’s office, with the wizened vulture of a man sitting at the Harbor master’s desk, Johan and the Harbor Master talk for a bit learning that the Sea’s Bounty leaft a little bit after sundown and they’d be back in iron Islands in twelve days if all went well for them. Johan thanks the Harbor Master and notices the Iron coin sitting alone with the mountain of other coins.

Beric found Stannis in his quarters and is granted an audience with Stannis while he and Shireen are discussing Maritime Stratigy. The two are covering a naval battle from the Blackfyre Rebelion, Stannis asks what Beric would do in this situation, Beric suggests have the ends of the Blockade line try to smash into the blockade runner. stannis says he would force the enemy into Shipbreaker bay and let nature sink the ships. Beric asks Shireen what she would do, Shireen says Stannis has the safer idea but Beric‘s idea would guarantee more kills.
Beric asks Stannis for help to sail secretly to Essos, specifically Pentos to pick up Beric’s Bastard, Stannis tells Beric to go down to the docs near the Red Keep after the feast.

Johan returns to the Kracken’s end to the Bar fight he left still in progress. The two bogknights Stand gaurd outside,Johan and his personal gaurd enter into the bar and try to quell the people by force. A Summer Islander sailor hitsJohan with a chair, Johann slices some him from balls to brain. The bar stops fighting immediately. Bartender tells him about his son and informed him of of the friendly rapport that his son was having with the ironborn, Johan refuses to believe this and leaves. Johan walks towards the Red Keep when a hooded figure steps from the shadows and asks to draw out Lord Beric so that the cloaked figure could enact vengeance against.Johan misunderstood the mysterious mans demands, and Johan believed that the instant he talked towards Lord Beric.
Johan spits the Bogknights two to find Beric and two to follow the would be assassin. Johan finds Aeron and Aurora neither has seen Beric since lunch and he tells the two of them to expect an ambush.

The bogknights find Beric and inform Beric that two of the bogknights left to tail the hooded figure. Beric goes to his daughter and tells her that he will return, and untill she returns to Mud Mouth that she is in charge of the Bogknights that accompanied them south. Beric tells his daughter to trust no one whom is not a friend, like Lord Eddard Stark or Lord Aeron Thrack. Know who your allies are and what their idiosyncrasies are.
and Beric tells her to take care of the injured bogknights and to head home as soon as Boll goes safely south with Prince Oberyn. They agree to keep this meeting secret, they hug and Beric leaves, a sense of possible finality hanging in the air.

A few minutes pass and Johan finds Beric’s daughter. Johan asks if she’s seen Beric recently, She says that she hasn’t seen him. Johan tells her to give Beric a message if she sees him that, somebody wants him dead, and meeting him may cause the assassin’s confrontation. Beric’s daughter goes back to her room where Beric has been hiding there this whole time and she tells him of Johan’s plan to avoid the assassination

The dinner feast begins Oberyn and Boll invite Beric over and the three casually chat. Aeron and Aurora find Beric The three cover what Johan is generally planning and all sit down at their seats at the feast table. Johan and Beric stare at each other then nod.

The feast Starts to wind down as some people start to leave as one of the Bogknight his face sheet white and purple vains ringing his chin. He gurgles something incoherent before dying in Lord Caleman‘s arms. The second bogknight is nowhere to be found as panic starts to set in. Beric disappears in the Chaos with his two healthy bogknights, Johan tries to find Lord Beric and takes his personal gaurd to Lord Beric’s room and is joined by Lord Dangar Lungus and his personal guard. The group finds Tygor Wyl and Beric daughter armoring up, Dangar Lungus pushes Beric’s daughter aside and puts the armor on faster and better than she was. They all look for Beric, Beric’s daughter says that Beric might be in the Royal Godswood, Johan recruits a guard on the way he replies “a man will follow.”

Lord Dangar huffs in his heavier armor as he falls closer to the back of the pack, as most of the party rounds into the Godswood the search party hears armor hitting the floor and Lord Dangar Lungus falls dead on the tile.
Johan gives chase and runs like a man possessed after the assassin and Johan catches up to the assassin. the two duel and Johan fights Striking while the Facelessman positions himself with his back to the sea. Johan stabs the Facelessman in the chest as he falls over the parapet with Johan collapsing from the poison. Everyone else catches up and sees the Assassin with Lord Dangar Lungus face falls over the wall. Beric’s daughter drags Johan to a maester so he may recover.

Back at the feast Lord Lance Lungus is able to help marshal the people with the help of Aeron before Lord Lance’s face turns a sheet white and grabs at his chest and falls to the ground dead. King Robbert is able to restore order to the panicking guests.

Beric and remaining bogknights approach the royal docks Ortan Lungus and two of his heavily armored cronies, Ortan Monologues on how he was going to in one fell swoop claim not only House Lungus but house Dannet as well and that the Carmunt‘s were going to be perfect scapegoat for his plans. Ortan raises his swords against Beric when a net hits the “Knight” as he falls into the Blackwater, a crossbow strikes Ortan Lungus in the necks as he falls gurgling to the ground and the last “knight” is killed when a Frogspear strikes him in the neck. The missing Bogknight is being supported by Davos. Davos mentions finding the poor torched Bogknight by the docks and using some knowledge of healing he’s picked up but mentioned that his Son Dale is captaining the Wraith. Beric thanks Davos for both his and Stannis’ help and he won’t forget this gesture. Beric and his remaining bogknights leave for Pentos.

A Song of Ice and Fire: Serpents of the North
Peril at King's Landing: Part 2 plots, schemes, and poisons

Peril at King’s Landing Part 2: The Fury of the Unchained Kraken

Aron Thrack talks to Paxter Redwyne andAron convinces Paxter to marry one of his sons to one of Aron daughters. Aron is there when Aurora and the Bog Knight arrive Aurora tells Aron the info about the dagger, and the ambush. It was bought for assassination.

Aron knows who owns the shield, Lance Ortan, of House Ortan. It is an old shield, though it is a gift from Jamsun Carmunt’s father the shield vanished a few months ago suspicious of the Dannets. Lance is going to talk to Tywin about this.

Sandor Clegane vs. Arthur Westerhill, one of the Mountains men. Arthur Westerhill is a bastard of Tytos Lannister. Sandor has the advantage since Arthur Westerhill looks drunk. Sandor wins and Arthur passes out, he looks pretty drunk. Arthur is married to a black widow

A well-dressed Middle-aged Lord enters the Bog Knight’s tent, wants to see Bareon, its Lord Ramius Seawish they talk about the Acquisition of more Ravens and how they need more ravens. Beric knows that they were lying, and that they were going to steal, not buy, something.

The Bog Knight wakes up, Bog Knight tells Beric the details of the attack. Maester Bareon says that he’ll make a full recovery, eventually.

Beric leaves the Bog Knight’s tent. Beric goes to the tournament and the fight that is going on is Lance Ortan vs. Meryn Trant, Lance wins although it looks like Meryn threw the fight. Beric talks with Lance tells tails that a Carmunt knight terrorizing the countryside was indeed sent by House Carmunt, The Dannets believe that, at least. They might try something tonight although Tywin told Lance that there’s no plot that he is aware of. Lord Lance Lungus tells the tail of when Lord Jamsun Carmunt beat the shit out of Lord Dannet. Beric thanks him for his time.

Leaves to spend some quality time with his daughter, and hears that Arthur Westerhill is dead. Aurora and Aron are scheming. Beric made the connection that Arthur was poisoned by his wife.

Beric tells Aron about the shit going down. Aron tells Beric about the plan they had, Beric doesn’t like that plan. Johan bursts in, Beric shuts up. Aron talks with Johan about his sons in the tournament (2 are still in 3 lost) Beric tells Johan about his sons drinking, Beric leaves Johan and Aron alone. Beric goes to find his son.

He wants to help whatever’s going on Aron and Johan go to drink at a fest tent owned by House Brewer. Johan asks Aron if they’re allies, Aron reashers that they are. Johan sees a lot of rich people there, and Aron wants to marry one of his daughters to one of Johan sons. Aron offers an alliance, using a navy, Aron and Johan go off to find his sons.

Beric spends time with his daughter, she beat a Dornish fighter. He might’ve been a well-known lord. Beric and Jyana have a touching father daughter moment. Beric gets some bog knights to follow Bareon who is talking to Arch Maester Marwyn.

Half an hour passes and all the Maesters disperse, Bareon goes to the Drunken Dragon Inn, to meet Lord Daegon Seawish and a couple other ironborn, Bog knight follows them in the and ironborn go upstairs, Daegon Seawish is talking about buying a lot of wine to put something in the wine casks, Maester Bareon talks about how to stop things burning by filling the wine casks with sand to try to prevent the wildfire from burning entire ships from burning in emerald fire. The bog knight knows they’re talking about wildfire, Ironborn have found stashes in the city and are stealing the stuff to bring back to the Iron Islands and they plan on burning Seaguard and Lannisport to the ground. They called Robert a fat idiot and that when he croaks that chaos will burn the realm to the ground. Westeros is about to be consumed by fire both literal and figurative.

Both bog knights are outside, a throwing axe catches the second bog knight when four Ironborn come out of the shadows. They have the Seawish banner, the first bog knight throws a net netting one of the iron born, the bog knights run. Ironborn give chase and another axe hits the injured bog knight, Injured bog knight gives his net to the healthy one. The healthy one throws the net, it hits and after running they lose the Ironborn after ducking in one of Littlefinger’s brothels finding Grand Maester Pycelle in a brothel. He’s healed but he’ll never be able to fight again.

At the Dinner Oberyn talks with Beric about taking Boll back to Dorne so Doran can foster Boll. Beric gives his blessing and Beric wants to talk with Oberyn later.

Beric’s daughter is being hit on by the Dornishman she defeated. Beric asks Oberyn who the Dornishman is Oberyn thinks that he is heir to Lord Wyl.

The first bog knight finds Beric, he immediately goes to his bog knight. The first bog knight tells Beric of the wildfire plot, Beric commands the bog knight, in typical bog knight formation, to protect the injured bog knight. Lord Ramius Seawish himself wasn’t at the tavern. Beric sits with his bog knights at the feast.

Johan talks with Lord Karstark at the feast and hears that a pyromancer was murdered and a warehouse burnt down. Johan sends Jamson Oakheart to a brothel to pick up rumors. Aron and Theos Brewer are talking economics.

Adham Dannet, heir to the house, arrives and he whispers to the king. The king looks displeased and Adham gets up and points at Boll, he accuses him of sending knights to attack Dannet lands, he’s very drunk, and demands Boll to answer for his crimes. Boll replies “We have no knights in the North,” and Adam mentions House Carmunt’s Targaryen loyalty. Adham demands the “Castle Bane” siege engine and reparations for the damages that his peasants have suffered.

Johan silently stands up, Beric asks Adham, “What proof do you have?” Adham brings in a peasant who describes the Ser Armas, knight who attacked Aurora. Beric tells a bog knight to fetch the shield and Beric beckons towards Aurora. She rises and describes the men who ambushed her and the Dannet men who ambushed her as well as Ser Armas. Adam denies bringing Soldiers. The bog knight arrives with the shield, Beric says, “How do you think it got to King’s Landing?” Adham doesn’t know. Beric explains the fight. He brings in his Master-of-Arms, Beric beckons for the Master-of-Arms to tell his side of the story. Robert declares a trial by combat, a joust, We vote for Aron to joust.

Dinner is over and Beric talks with Tywin, Beric tells him everything. Tywin gives Beric the Mountain for the joust.

Aron arrives early for the trail by combat only to see the Mountain is ready to joust for the honor of House Carmunt. Aron thanks Beric for that.

Johan finds out his third son is missing, and Johan informs everyone to stick together. He looks for him, with two bog knights. Adham appears to have a hangover. Adham has the symptoms of the poison that killed Ser Westerhill, Beric finds Bareon and informs him of the poison and the maesters manage to help him. Beric and his bog knights go to the maester enclave to find the ingredients that are in the cure. Adham is fine the joust begins and the Mountain spear pierces Lord Adham Dannet’s shoulder catching him on the Mountain’s spear thowing him from his horse. The Mountain wins. Adam has broken bones through out his body, but he is alive. House Carmunt is innocent and Lord Seawish is nowhere to be seen. Maester Bareon disappears with out a trace. Beric and Aron meet and finish their discussion

Johan heads into the city, looking for his son. Johan is followed by people, probably Ironborn. He has a personal guard with him. Johan goes to Littlefinger’s brothel with Sandor Oakheart and one of his Elite Gaurd follows him inside. Johan finds Littlefinger, and approaches Littlefinger says his son, Jamson went to fleabottom. Johan finds a note left by Jamson and is read to Johan by One of his guards. It talks about ironborn held up in a warehouse. Mentions an odd spider Johan comes outside and informs everyone of what’s going on. Johan spreads his troops in an incredibly tactical manner. They all go to fleabottom, and finds the warehouse called the Odd Speeder. Johan returns to the tournament.

Back at the tournament, Sandor Clegane vs. a Northern Mystery Knight, Aron notices that the mystery knight is not a man, but a girl. Johan tells Aron Thrack that he needs to speak with everyone. Sandor unmasks the mystery knight by hitting the helm of the mystery knight, it’s Jyana Caleman and she disqualified, Sandor wins.

Aurora and Beric follow Aron to Johan, they find a private tent and Johan explains that his son is missing, Jamson Oakheart left a note of the Odd Speedster, They were followed by the “workers” and Johan is convinced that the murders are all related. Johan mentioned the name Daegon Seawish who mentioned not going to the Kraken’s End Tavern, and not eat the food because of the lack of quality of food.

Suddenly, the tent catches fire, twelve armored men storm the tent the six bog knights net seven people. Johan looks behind him and sees eight Ironborn barge in. The tent is on fire as the fight, two of the bog knights are very injured and one of Johan’s guards is killed yet the ironborn are all killed or escape and four of the armored mercenaries are captured and questioned, the three surviving mercenaries take the black. Aurora, Beric, Aron, and Johan reflect on the plots they have stumbled on.

A Song of Ice and Fire: Serpents of the North
Peril at King's Landing: Part 1 the Road South

The year is 295 A.C. and Lord Jamson Carmunt is Dead and his banner lords assemble and a week later a raven arrives at the Black Keep telling of a tournament of King’s Landing. Lady Emndell Carmunt sends Boll, Pugsly and Maester Bareon. to meat with a host of Carmunt banner lords south to participate in the King’s Tourney.

The Road to Kings Landing

The Party arrives at the inn “Baying Hounds.” Beric Caleman and (10 men / 1 son / 2 daughters). Wylla Caleman (First born Daughter), Roderik Caleman (Heir and Eldest Son), Jyana Caleman (Youngest Daughter). Aaron Thrack and 4 gaurds. Boll Carmunt, Maester Bareon, Boll’s Gaurd “Pugsly.”

Aron and the Maester mingle in the inn, Beric Strategically places himself and his bogknights around the Baying Hounds. Aron and Maester Bareon spot three Hedge Knights and some “peasents” with armor rust marks.

Night falls, and Beric finds someone sneaking away towards the sable, He follows and overhears the sable hand and “peasant” planning their ambush of Boll and his bannermen. Beric slinks away to his bogknights, Beric hatchs a plan to counter ambush the ambushers.

Morning breaks and after breakfest Beric sends eight of his Bogknights to were the brigands said they were going to strike. Aron asks “Lord Beric, Where have you men gone?” Beric replies, “They’re Lying in wait.” Beric sees an ambusher, and tells Aron to ready himself and Boll to keep close to Pugsly. The Bandits ambush Boll and his bannermen, then the Bogknights jump out and ambush the bandits, the battle was quick and bloody with only the former knight surviving the fray. Beric asks what should be done with the Brigand, Boll says that he should be sent to the wall. Beric sends two of his Bogknights with the want-to-be bandit.

A few days travel south down the King’s Road , about three hours outside of King’s Landing Ten Bandits ambush the party demanding vengeance. Aron lies that there is a much larger host behind them. four of the Bandits flee while six of them attack. One of Aaron’s guards is grievously wounded while the party kills five of them and mortally wound the other. Maester Bareon goes to heal the guard while Aron goes to the bandit. Aron threatens the brigand and asks why they ambushed them. The brigand replies “I fucked Your mother.” Aron shots the bandit in the leg, he replies “You bastard, you killed my brothers.” Maester Bareon states that the bandit’s arm will have to be amputated if he is spared. Lord Beric walks forward ready to deliver a mercy killing, Boll stops Beric and delivers the Northern justice himself. Beric and Aron nod in approval and Maester Bareon encourages a shaken Boll. Beric talks about how this could have been avoided and how his action have weight.

Peril at King’s Landing Part 1 the Shadow of the Stag.

Lady Aurora Carmunt has been in King’s Landing for weeks mingling with the circles including the Queen Cersei Lannister and other movers and shakers at court.

Boll and company meet Lord Johan Oakheart five of his kids and six of his Elite Guard by the King’s Gate.

Boll and Beric are invited to the Small council meeting, they pass Ser Davos on the way to the Small Council meeting. The Small Council breaks and Stannis and Beric exchange pleasantries, while Boll and Aruroa talking.

The Small council reconvenes with Grand Maester Pycelle, Petyr Baelish, Varys, Renly Baratheon, Stannis Baratheon, Tywin Lannister, Mace Tyrell, King Robert Baratheon, Hand of the King Jon Arryn, and Ser Barristan Selmy meet over what to do with the Begger King Viserys and Daenerys Targaryen. Varys talks about the spotting of the two Targaryens. The council argues about what to do with the two and should they be killed or not. Stannis and Varys want them watched, Tywin Renly, and Littlefinger wants them killed, Mace stays out of it stating that it would prohibitively expensive to hire a reliable assassin for two children who are of no threat. Both Beric and Jon Arryn stay silent. Renly and Tywin want to hire the faceless men while Petyr and Robert want to hire a Westerosi to assassinate them. the meeting spins its wheels for three hours with Varys agreeing to keep watching them. The small council breaks.

Lord Johan and his Frey wife do what they do best while, Beric learns about some of who is competing, and that the Mountain that rides might’ve murdered one of his men for snoring. Oberyn Martell is in a whore house, Sandor Clegane gaurding the prince, Ser Jaime Lannister and Ser Barristan Selmy guard the King.before dinner.

Dinner happens, Boll and Beric are sitting close to the King, Aurora is sitting by the Tyrell’s, in the middle, Johan and, Aron are sitting towards the end, Beric sitting between Oberyn and Boll. Aurora hears of a rogue Carmunt, terrifying the countryside, as does Johan. In one of Littlefinger’s brothel, someone who looks like someone from House Dannet is spotted. Oberyn regails Beric with tales of his sister’s tragic end. Oberyn talkes about wanting to fight the Mountain. Beric: Unfortunate. The Mountain has a rather nasty headache, you know.

Aurora meets with Littlefinger, she waits until the whore house is empty, they greet each other. Littlefinger knew she was coming. Aurora asks for his assistance and Littlefinger reveals he knows of her murder of her husband, Aurora begins to lose her cool. Aurora talks of the heir of Dannet is competing Aurora wants to sabotage their prestige, Littlefinger reveals that more people are talking about the same thing and more. Aurora tries to get him to lose to somebody way below his normal prowess, Littlefinger shuts her down but encourages her to try to climb the ladder of chaos.

it’s morning, Johan is practicing with his sons then gives okay pep-talk. Beric wishes Jyana good luck in the tournament.

Oberyn vs Amory Lorch round 1, Jaime vs Johanne round 12, Jamson Oakheart vs Sandor round 14, Beric’s son vs mysterious hedge knight, probably iron born round 16, Sandor Oakheart vs minor Hightower round 17, Samwell Oakheart vs northern mystery knight (actually Jyana Caleman ) round 19, Brandon Oakheart vs one of Aron’s Guards round 22

Oberyn Martell vs Amory, Amory taunts Oberyn. Oberyn knocks him out and walks off. Barristan fights some random knight, Barristan easily wins. An hour passes before Ser Jaime vs Johan begins. Johan fights like Bronn, full defense. Ser Jaime is outclassing Johan before Ser Jaime insultsJohan’s Frey wife. Johan manages to get a good hit off, stunning Ser Jaime. The fight begins in earnest With Johan lasting ten minutes before getting knocked out by Ser Jaime.

The tourney breaks for lunch and Beric, Boll, and Aron go to check up on Johan. Johan being healed by Maester Cressen, and Beric checks up on his son, but he is confident he will do well at first. Beric and Rodrik exchange their house Motto. Beric checks on Johan‘s sons and while he checks on them he hears that Ser Amory Lorch has died. Johan’s sons are in the House Brewer Fest tent with all of them save Jamson Oakheart, Beric pours the beer on ground and wishes good luck to the Oakhearts.

Beric meets up with Aron and goes back to the seats. Aurora finds herself in Tywin’s tent along with a sizable host of Westerland nobles. During lunch she hears that the Crownlands hedge knight, Ser Armas, is raiding villages and is holding a Carmunt sheild, Aurora is paranoid about Littlefinger’s spies. Tyrion Lannister and Cersei are in the Lannister tent.

Aurora goes back to seats, with Beric, Boll, and Aron. robed individual comes out of a lesser used tent, dashing at AuroraBeric tackles the robed individual who pulls a knife. Beric disarms him then chokes him until he passes out. the guards take the body and Beric inspects the knife, nothing special, but well made, while Aurora knows the blacksmith who made the knife.

Beric asks Aurora to handle this, Beric sends a bogknight to follow her and a bogknight to follow him and another bogknight to go to another random blacksmith. Aurora finds the blacksmith and then asks about the knife, a mysterious cloaked figure bought the dagger with gold dragons up front. Aurora thanks the blacksmith and leaves Aurora sees a man in leather armor, tailing her Aurora loses him in the city. Aurora finds a man in armor, with a shield with the Carmunt insignia on it Aurora tries to leave the man says he’s there to take her back to the tournament, together they move throw fleabottom before four House Dannet soldiers jump them. The Bog Knight Master-at-Arms throws his his frog spear one of the Dannet soldiers killing him on the spot, Lady Aurora screams before getting knocked out by Ser Armas, the Bog Knight nets two of the Soldiers before killing the last Dannet soldier by decapitating him. Ser Armas and the Bog Knight have an epic duel before the Bog Knight puts an end to the mad knight. the Bog Knight is able, while greatly injured able to drag Aurora to the tourney grounds before collapsing. Maester Bareon Treats the Bog Knight, and Beric watches over the Bog Knight while Maester Bareon looks after him. Beric’s son has won his round Sandor Oakheart won his round Beric hears that the mysterious knight has won against Aron’s soldier. The Bog Knight had Ser Armas’ shield. Aurora knows the shield is old while Beric knows that the sheild was given to them by Jamson’s father to Lord Lance Lungus grandfather. Beric tells Lady Aruroa to enjoy the tournement. Lady Aurora nods and heads off.


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