Lord Boll Carmunt

Shy and unsure of himself, he's taller and larger than most his age.


Age: 7
Height: 4’11’’
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark Blue
Skin: Pale

Intrigue Defense: 13
Composure: 9

Combat Defense: 14
Health: 14

Agility : 2
Animal Handling : 3
Athletics : 3
Awareness : 4
Cunning : 2
Deception : 2
Endurance : 4
Fighting : 4
Healing : 1
Knowledge : 4
Language : 3
Marksmanship : 3
Persuasion : 3
Status : 7
Stealth : 1
Survival : 3
Thievery : 1
Warfare : 4
Will : 3

Qualities: (Benefits & Drawbacks):
Head of House
Blood of the Firstmen
Blood of the Heroes
Blood of Valyria
Armor Mastery
Animal Companion (Cat)

Fear of Fish (Ichthyophobia)


Lord of house Carmunt, Stewards of the Black Keep, and guardian of the realm. He ascended to the position of Lord of his house when His lord father died of a wasting disease four months prior to the game starting. for the time before the adventure starts the retainer to house Carmunt is Lord Leofowyn Wyvill

Distinguishing marks:
In the right light Lord Carmunt’s eyes look purple. Otherwise Lord Carmunt looks like a larger than average northern boy.

Mannerisms and Customs:
Cautious, When thinking he has a tendency to wring his hands together.

Lord Boll Carmunt

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