A Song of Ice and Fire: The Serpents of the North

A Song of Ice and Fire: Serpents of the North

Peril at King's Landing: Part 1 the Road South

The year is 295 A.C. and Lord Jamson Carmunt is Dead and his banner lords assemble and a week later a raven arrives at the Black Keep telling of a tournament of King’s Landing. Lady Emndell Carmunt sends Boll, Pugsly and Maester Bareon. to meat with a host of Carmunt banner lords south to participate in the King’s Tourney.

The Road to Kings Landing

The Party arrives at the inn “Baying Hounds.” Beric Caleman and (10 men / 1 son / 2 daughters). Wylla Caleman (First born Daughter), Roderik Caleman (Heir and Eldest Son), Jyana Caleman (Youngest Daughter). Aaron Thrack and 4 gaurds. Boll Carmunt, Maester Bareon, Boll’s Gaurd “Pugsly.”

Aron and the Maester mingle in the inn, Beric Strategically places himself and his bogknights around the Baying Hounds. Aron and Maester Bareon spot three Hedge Knights and some “peasents” with armor rust marks.

Night falls, and Beric finds someone sneaking away towards the sable, He follows and overhears the sable hand and “peasant” planning their ambush of Boll and his bannermen. Beric slinks away to his bogknights, Beric hatchs a plan to counter ambush the ambushers.

Morning breaks and after breakfest Beric sends eight of his Bogknights to were the brigands said they were going to strike. Aron asks “Lord Beric, Where have you men gone?” Beric replies, “They’re Lying in wait.” Beric sees an ambusher, and tells Aron to ready himself and Boll to keep close to Pugsly. The Bandits ambush Boll and his bannermen, then the Bogknights jump out and ambush the bandits, the battle was quick and bloody with only the former knight surviving the fray. Beric asks what should be done with the Brigand, Boll says that he should be sent to the wall. Beric sends two of his Bogknights with the want-to-be bandit.

A few days travel south down the King’s Road , about three hours outside of King’s Landing Ten Bandits ambush the party demanding vengeance. Aron lies that there is a much larger host behind them. four of the Bandits flee while six of them attack. One of Aaron’s guards is grievously wounded while the party kills five of them and mortally wound the other. Maester Bareon goes to heal the guard while Aron goes to the bandit. Aron threatens the brigand and asks why they ambushed them. The brigand replies “I fucked Your mother.” Aron shots the bandit in the leg, he replies “You bastard, you killed my brothers.” Maester Bareon states that the bandit’s arm will have to be amputated if he is spared. Lord Beric walks forward ready to deliver a mercy killing, Boll stops Beric and delivers the Northern justice himself. Beric and Aron nod in approval and Maester Bareon encourages a shaken Boll. Beric talks about how this could have been avoided and how his action have weight.

Peril at King’s Landing Part 1 the Shadow of the Stag.

Lady Aurora Carmunt has been in King’s Landing for weeks mingling with the circles including the Queen Cersei Lannister and other movers and shakers at court.

Boll and company meet Lord Johan Oakheart five of his kids and six of his Elite Guard by the King’s Gate.

Boll and Beric are invited to the Small council meeting, they pass Ser Davos on the way to the Small Council meeting. The Small Council breaks and Stannis and Beric exchange pleasantries, while Boll and Aruroa talking.

The Small council reconvenes with Grand Maester Pycelle, Petyr Baelish, Varys, Renly Baratheon, Stannis Baratheon, Tywin Lannister, Mace Tyrell, King Robert Baratheon, Hand of the King Jon Arryn, and Ser Barristan Selmy meet over what to do with the Begger King Viserys and Daenerys Targaryen. Varys talks about the spotting of the two Targaryens. The council argues about what to do with the two and should they be killed or not. Stannis and Varys want them watched, Tywin Renly, and Littlefinger wants them killed, Mace stays out of it stating that it would prohibitively expensive to hire a reliable assassin for two children who are of no threat. Both Beric and Jon Arryn stay silent. Renly and Tywin want to hire the faceless men while Petyr and Robert want to hire a Westerosi to assassinate them. the meeting spins its wheels for three hours with Varys agreeing to keep watching them. The small council breaks.

Lord Johan and his Frey wife do what they do best while, Beric learns about some of who is competing, and that the Mountain that rides might’ve murdered one of his men for snoring. Oberyn Martell is in a whore house, Sandor Clegane gaurding the prince, Ser Jaime Lannister and Ser Barristan Selmy guard the King.before dinner.

Dinner happens, Boll and Beric are sitting close to the King, Aurora is sitting by the Tyrell’s, in the middle, Johan and, Aron are sitting towards the end, Beric sitting between Oberyn and Boll. Aurora hears of a rogue Carmunt, terrifying the countryside, as does Johan. In one of Littlefinger’s brothel, someone who looks like someone from House Dannet is spotted. Oberyn regails Beric with tales of his sister’s tragic end. Oberyn talkes about wanting to fight the Mountain. Beric: Unfortunate. The Mountain has a rather nasty headache, you know.

Aurora meets with Littlefinger, she waits until the whore house is empty, they greet each other. Littlefinger knew she was coming. Aurora asks for his assistance and Littlefinger reveals he knows of her murder of her husband, Aurora begins to lose her cool. Aurora talks of the heir of Dannet is competing Aurora wants to sabotage their prestige, Littlefinger reveals that more people are talking about the same thing and more. Aurora tries to get him to lose to somebody way below his normal prowess, Littlefinger shuts her down but encourages her to try to climb the ladder of chaos.

it’s morning, Johan is practicing with his sons then gives okay pep-talk. Beric wishes Jyana good luck in the tournament.

Oberyn vs Amory Lorch round 1, Jaime vs Johanne round 12, Jamson Oakheart vs Sandor round 14, Beric’s son vs mysterious hedge knight, probably iron born round 16, Sandor Oakheart vs minor Hightower round 17, Samwell Oakheart vs northern mystery knight (actually Jyana Caleman ) round 19, Brandon Oakheart vs one of Aron’s Guards round 22

Oberyn Martell vs Amory, Amory taunts Oberyn. Oberyn knocks him out and walks off. Barristan fights some random knight, Barristan easily wins. An hour passes before Ser Jaime vs Johan begins. Johan fights like Bronn, full defense. Ser Jaime is outclassing Johan before Ser Jaime insultsJohan’s Frey wife. Johan manages to get a good hit off, stunning Ser Jaime. The fight begins in earnest With Johan lasting ten minutes before getting knocked out by Ser Jaime.

The tourney breaks for lunch and Beric, Boll, and Aron go to check up on Johan. Johan being healed by Maester Cressen, and Beric checks up on his son, but he is confident he will do well at first. Beric and Rodrik exchange their house Motto. Beric checks on Johan‘s sons and while he checks on them he hears that Ser Amory Lorch has died. Johan’s sons are in the House Brewer Fest tent with all of them save Jamson Oakheart, Beric pours the beer on ground and wishes good luck to the Oakhearts.

Beric meets up with Aron and goes back to the seats. Aurora finds herself in Tywin’s tent along with a sizable host of Westerland nobles. During lunch she hears that the Crownlands hedge knight, Ser Armas, is raiding villages and is holding a Carmunt sheild, Aurora is paranoid about Littlefinger’s spies. Tyrion Lannister and Cersei are in the Lannister tent.

Aurora goes back to seats, with Beric, Boll, and Aron. robed individual comes out of a lesser used tent, dashing at AuroraBeric tackles the robed individual who pulls a knife. Beric disarms him then chokes him until he passes out. the guards take the body and Beric inspects the knife, nothing special, but well made, while Aurora knows the blacksmith who made the knife.

Beric asks Aurora to handle this, Beric sends a bogknight to follow her and a bogknight to follow him and another bogknight to go to another random blacksmith. Aurora finds the blacksmith and then asks about the knife, a mysterious cloaked figure bought the dagger with gold dragons up front. Aurora thanks the blacksmith and leaves Aurora sees a man in leather armor, tailing her Aurora loses him in the city. Aurora finds a man in armor, with a shield with the Carmunt insignia on it Aurora tries to leave the man says he’s there to take her back to the tournament, together they move throw fleabottom before four House Dannet soldiers jump them. The Bog Knight Master-at-Arms throws his his frog spear one of the Dannet soldiers killing him on the spot, Lady Aurora screams before getting knocked out by Ser Armas, the Bog Knight nets two of the Soldiers before killing the last Dannet soldier by decapitating him. Ser Armas and the Bog Knight have an epic duel before the Bog Knight puts an end to the mad knight. the Bog Knight is able, while greatly injured able to drag Aurora to the tourney grounds before collapsing. Maester Bareon Treats the Bog Knight, and Beric watches over the Bog Knight while Maester Bareon looks after him. Beric’s son has won his round Sandor Oakheart won his round Beric hears that the mysterious knight has won against Aron’s soldier. The Bog Knight had Ser Armas’ shield. Aurora knows the shield is old while Beric knows that the sheild was given to them by Jamson’s father to Lord Lance Lungus grandfather. Beric tells Lady Aruroa to enjoy the tournement. Lady Aurora nods and heads off.



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