A Song of Ice and Fire: The Serpents of the North

A Song of Ice and Fire: Serpents of the North

Peril at King's Landing: Part 3 Cloak and Dagger

Peril at King’s Landing Part 3: The daggers in the dark

Aeron talks with Paxter Redwyne, The two finalize the marriage agreement between Aeron‘s daughter Rhae Thrack to Paxter’s Son Ser Horas Redwyne.

Aeron, Auroa, Beric, and Johan join King Robert Baratheron for lunch, Aeron is reminiscing about Robert’s Rebellion with the king while Aurora interacts with some of the guests in the tent, including Jalabhar Xho and Renly Baratheon, and Johan is listening for rumors. Johan hears of an Ironborn suiside mission inside the Red Keep when Lord Daegon Seawish and three other Iron born tried to retrieve the Seawish ancestral axe Sovereign, the other three Ironborn died and Lord Daegon jumped through a window in the Blackwater and is presumed dead. After about three courses the feast ends.

Johan asks Beric bogknight assistance and he gives him a couple of bogknights for protection in addition to Johan‘s entourage with the Goldcloaks the King Robert assigned to Johan and heads off to the Kracken’s end.

Johan enters the Kraken’s end. Talks with the Bartender, a sarcastic man,Johan asks if a man matching his son’s, Jamson Oakhear, apearence. The bartender did, and that he seemed to be frendly with a grouping of Ironborn and after a little bribing the Barkeep he tells Johan the name of the Ship, the Sea’s Bounty, as Johan leaves for the Harbor master a Bar fight breaks out.

Beric leaves to find Varys at the Red Keep, and after a few hours he finds himself in the Royal Godswoods, Varys greets Beric and Beric asks for information on Maester Baeron, from what Varys knows he’s a bastard from Pyke and whoes maester training was paid for by a member of house Stonehouse. Varys guesses that the best place for a Westerosi on the run is in Essos with the Golden Company. Beric leaves to talk with Stannis.

Johan enters the Harbor master’s office, with the wizened vulture of a man sitting at the Harbor master’s desk, Johan and the Harbor Master talk for a bit learning that the Sea’s Bounty leaft a little bit after sundown and they’d be back in iron Islands in twelve days if all went well for them. Johan thanks the Harbor Master and notices the Iron coin sitting alone with the mountain of other coins.

Beric found Stannis in his quarters and is granted an audience with Stannis while he and Shireen are discussing Maritime Stratigy. The two are covering a naval battle from the Blackfyre Rebelion, Stannis asks what Beric would do in this situation, Beric suggests have the ends of the Blockade line try to smash into the blockade runner. stannis says he would force the enemy into Shipbreaker bay and let nature sink the ships. Beric asks Shireen what she would do, Shireen says Stannis has the safer idea but Beric‘s idea would guarantee more kills.
Beric asks Stannis for help to sail secretly to Essos, specifically Pentos to pick up Beric’s Bastard, Stannis tells Beric to go down to the docs near the Red Keep after the feast.

Johan returns to the Kracken’s end to the Bar fight he left still in progress. The two bogknights Stand gaurd outside,Johan and his personal gaurd enter into the bar and try to quell the people by force. A Summer Islander sailor hitsJohan with a chair, Johann slices some him from balls to brain. The bar stops fighting immediately. Bartender tells him about his son and informed him of of the friendly rapport that his son was having with the ironborn, Johan refuses to believe this and leaves. Johan walks towards the Red Keep when a hooded figure steps from the shadows and asks to draw out Lord Beric so that the cloaked figure could enact vengeance against.Johan misunderstood the mysterious mans demands, and Johan believed that the instant he talked towards Lord Beric.
Johan spits the Bogknights two to find Beric and two to follow the would be assassin. Johan finds Aeron and Aurora neither has seen Beric since lunch and he tells the two of them to expect an ambush.

The bogknights find Beric and inform Beric that two of the bogknights left to tail the hooded figure. Beric goes to his daughter and tells her that he will return, and untill she returns to Mud Mouth that she is in charge of the Bogknights that accompanied them south. Beric tells his daughter to trust no one whom is not a friend, like Lord Eddard Stark or Lord Aeron Thrack. Know who your allies are and what their idiosyncrasies are.
and Beric tells her to take care of the injured bogknights and to head home as soon as Boll goes safely south with Prince Oberyn. They agree to keep this meeting secret, they hug and Beric leaves, a sense of possible finality hanging in the air.

A few minutes pass and Johan finds Beric’s daughter. Johan asks if she’s seen Beric recently, She says that she hasn’t seen him. Johan tells her to give Beric a message if she sees him that, somebody wants him dead, and meeting him may cause the assassin’s confrontation. Beric’s daughter goes back to her room where Beric has been hiding there this whole time and she tells him of Johan’s plan to avoid the assassination

The dinner feast begins Oberyn and Boll invite Beric over and the three casually chat. Aeron and Aurora find Beric The three cover what Johan is generally planning and all sit down at their seats at the feast table. Johan and Beric stare at each other then nod.

The feast Starts to wind down as some people start to leave as one of the Bogknight his face sheet white and purple vains ringing his chin. He gurgles something incoherent before dying in Lord Caleman‘s arms. The second bogknight is nowhere to be found as panic starts to set in. Beric disappears in the Chaos with his two healthy bogknights, Johan tries to find Lord Beric and takes his personal gaurd to Lord Beric’s room and is joined by Lord Dangar Lungus and his personal guard. The group finds Tygor Wyl and Beric daughter armoring up, Dangar Lungus pushes Beric’s daughter aside and puts the armor on faster and better than she was. They all look for Beric, Beric’s daughter says that Beric might be in the Royal Godswood, Johan recruits a guard on the way he replies “a man will follow.”

Lord Dangar huffs in his heavier armor as he falls closer to the back of the pack, as most of the party rounds into the Godswood the search party hears armor hitting the floor and Lord Dangar Lungus falls dead on the tile.
Johan gives chase and runs like a man possessed after the assassin and Johan catches up to the assassin. the two duel and Johan fights Striking while the Facelessman positions himself with his back to the sea. Johan stabs the Facelessman in the chest as he falls over the parapet with Johan collapsing from the poison. Everyone else catches up and sees the Assassin with Lord Dangar Lungus face falls over the wall. Beric’s daughter drags Johan to a maester so he may recover.

Back at the feast Lord Lance Lungus is able to help marshal the people with the help of Aeron before Lord Lance’s face turns a sheet white and grabs at his chest and falls to the ground dead. King Robbert is able to restore order to the panicking guests.

Beric and remaining bogknights approach the royal docks Ortan Lungus and two of his heavily armored cronies, Ortan Monologues on how he was going to in one fell swoop claim not only House Lungus but house Dannet as well and that the Carmunt‘s were going to be perfect scapegoat for his plans. Ortan raises his swords against Beric when a net hits the “Knight” as he falls into the Blackwater, a crossbow strikes Ortan Lungus in the necks as he falls gurgling to the ground and the last “knight” is killed when a Frogspear strikes him in the neck. The missing Bogknight is being supported by Davos. Davos mentions finding the poor torched Bogknight by the docks and using some knowledge of healing he’s picked up but mentioned that his Son Dale is captaining the Wraith. Beric thanks Davos for both his and Stannis’ help and he won’t forget this gesture. Beric and his remaining bogknights leave for Pentos.



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