A Song of Ice and Fire: The Serpents of the North

A Song of Ice and Fire: Serpents of the North

The Wake of the Kraken Part 1: Of Crows, Fire, and Dragons

The moon shines brightly over Pentos and the Wraith moves like a shadow with no discernible source, towards the city. Beric Caleman and Marco see the eternal fire burning atop the Church of R’hllor. The Wraith approachs the dock, Larin Sees two lanterns, one belongs to Beric’s son, Khamisi Snow, and a woman in red. Marco recognizes the woman as a priestess from Lys, Beric asks who she is, Khamisi replies that she is the lady Melisandre, she knew Lord Caleman would be arriving this night because she saw A Lizardlion swim on shore in pentos in her flames. Beric asks what that means and Marco explains that priests of R’hllor can see the furture in their flames, he thinks it’s more slight of hand and general vaguery. Larin starts the deck close to the discussion between Beric‘s company and Khamisi and Melisandre. Melisandre says that Marco will see the truth one day when the dead come from your north. "I’ve already seen the truth, lady." Beric asks Larin if he can sail us down to Myr, Larin nods and heads and heads off to find a boat.

Larin walks into the “Kneeling Titan Inn” and orders himself a drink. Larin asks the barkeep where he can find a ship heading to myr that won’t ask too many questions about who’s tagging along. The bartender points Larin to a Yi Tish looking man down the bar. The man names himself as Fran-Ki and brings Larin to a back room of a bar where a Valyrian looking woman in an open back purple dress that is laced with silver roses that hugs around her waist, she is fanning herself, Fran whispers into her ear.
“Hey there, names Doran ‘Wiggles’, captain of the Prancing Dragon. Frank here tells me your looking to sail into Myr with out too many questions asked.” The Valyrian looking …man? says continuing to fan himself.
“Uh… that’s correct …sir? Is your ship a fast ship?” Larin responds sitting down across from Doran.
“It can make the trip from Baavos to Lys in less than twenty days, and she can out run war-ships. and I ain’t talking those Baavosi cogs, I’m talking the big Ironborn Galleasses.”
“That sounds adequate to the job”
ADEQUATE! I’ve smuggled fugitives from Dragonstone to Dorne,” Doran yells slamming a knife into the table. “I’ve been able to smuggled red priests through Quarth, My services are more than adequate. I can get you and your mysterious cargo for 40 Gold Dragons.”
“Unless you’re smuggling my associates weight in gold you can’t loose enough in our presence to make up for 15 Gold Dragons.”
“You’re not just buying room your buying experience of our crew. 35 gold Dragons.”
“My lord will not like having to hand over this much on a lark, fifteen Gold Dragons when we set sail and fourteen Gold Dragons when we hit Myr.”
“That should work, don’t you agree Frank?” Doran coyly looks towards Fran-Ki
“Your intellect is only matched by your beauty Captain.” Fran-Ki dryly responds.
“Frank here will show you out, I’ll get changed to finalize things with your boss.”
Fran-Ki and Larin walk out of the room into the bar proper, Fran buys Larin a drink. An hour passes before Doran emerges with tight fitting leather pants, high riding boots, a gold sash around his waist, a white frilly v neck and a purple vest with a golden dragon on the vest.
“You look lovely, sir.” Fran-Ki dryly remarks.
Doran blushes “Oh, Frank.” The trio walks out of the bar towards the docks.

The trio walk down the dock towards the Wraith. Larin introduces Doran to Beric, Beric stares at Doran and says nothing. Beric unearves Doran as he holds his hand out towards, “Your peasent has negoeated fifteen gold dragons now and fourteen gold dragons when we land in Myr.” Larin drunkenly nods. Beric stands towering above Doran. “well if you agree to the terms then my ship is in front of Kneeling Titan Inn.” Doran backs up before he turns around and runs into Pentos. Fran-Ki bows and shoulders his Tesubo and walks off. Beric sits back down, Khamisi approves of scarring him off, any man that flashy can not be a good trader or a worse suggler, Marco convinces Beric that the Smuggler has been successful in transprorting people before and this success will likely continue. Berric agrees and they say goodby to Dale Seaworth right before the wraith slinks out of the habor.

Beric and company go to an inn to get a room. Doran prepairs his ship. Beric asks why Melisandre is tagging along. “Yours is the path that will lead me to Azor Ahai Lord Caleman” Melisandre explains the legend of Azor Ahai and that Azor Ahai will be reborn and decair a war for the dawn in the North. “Our North?” Marco inquires. “From beyond your Wall will the servents of the great other. The enemy to R’hllor.” Beric asks Khamisi if he trusts her, Khamisi affirms that he does trust the Red woman. Beric tells Melisandre she can’t come. “I wish you luck and I hope when the Crow flys behind you the wind will be with you.” “Thank you for looking after my son.” Melisandre nods and says, “we will see eachother soon Lord Caleman.” She says before she heads into Pentos Propper. Fran-ki welcomes everyone on board, Beric nods at Fran-ki, Doran walks out and nervisly nods towards Beric then Doran turns his heal and goes back inside his cabin. the Prancing Dragon heads out at dawn

Five days at Sea pass by before Fran-Ki spots a ship off the aft and starboard side. Doran looks through a spyglass, he sees a longship, an ironmen longship, with purple sail with the figurhead of a black iron woman mother of pearl for eyes. Xufand, the Sothern Islander of the Prancing Dragon, yells THE SILENCE before he runs to the hold. Beric rallies the crew of the Prancing Dragon as the whole crew runs with out sleep for three days the Prancing Dragon outran the Silence untill it disapeared over the horizen, Doran hid his ship in a secluded lagoon to rest up and restock.

Doran asks Marco about what business he and his lord has in Myr, Marco remains elusive about the issue, Marco claims Beric is looking to gain “friends” in the free city. Doran mentions that he knows the city quite well

Six days away from Myr Fran-Ki talks to tells him about a trio of pirate ships coming close from the south. Larin chips in by says “the pirates will outrun us.” Beric says to attack the ship closest to the land. Doran nods in agreement. The Pirate ship grapples on to the Prancing Dragon and the Fight begins. Beric throws a frog spear to Larin before drawing Patience. The first Pirate leeps on deck Fletcher lets fly two arrows into the pirate striking him once in the forhead and the other arrow stiking through the pirate’s neck. Erois and Marco battle the pirates while Doran and Xufand fire crossbow bolts while Fran-Ki smashes into the pirates with his Tesubo. Khamisi cut into the pirates fighting back to back with his father. The Bog Knights made short work of the Pirates. Doran gives the bogknights 20 arrows each out of his crew’s personal stach.

Beric has another dream, A woman in a maester robe with a spear on her back a red banner fluttering in the wind with her eyes burning green eyes. She is attaching ropes to an armored kraken headed man, The sun rises behind the woman the sun rising along the spear behind the maester. The light blinds Beric, when he opens his eyes Seagaurd is engulfed in green fire with a man in platemale his helm tenticles sticking out of bottom of the helm House Malastar’s flag clutched in the slimey hand of the armored Kraken warrior. Beric wakes up looking over the ocean the stars twinkling above.

The Prancing Dragon docks into Myr as the sun rises from the Narrow Sea, Melisandre is there at the dock to great the Prancing Dragon with two Golden company men. “Greeting ”/characters/lord-beric-caleman" class=“wiki-content-link”>Lord Caleman, it seems we meet again." The Red woman says the fire in her lantern dancing to her words.





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